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Mothers Day in Paternoster

Experience an unique culinary journey in the beautiful town of Paternoster

This Winter, come and join renowned food conjurer, Uro Erichsen together with talented food blogger and creator of the famous Bella’s food label, Isabella Niehaus on a tantalising taste experience

This 3-day cooking voyage starts Thursday, 1st of June, every Monday to Wednesday or Thursday to Saturday and comprises of the following:

Day 1 Cooking Class Menu:
Anti-pasto Menu: 15 Anti pasto arancini, goats cheese tartlets, mini bowls 4 cheese ravioli, mini Italian meatballs, Italian spinach tart, 5 assorted cold meats with bruschetta, 3 cheese mini platter, mini brinjal & feta salad, Italian potato soup with mini pork meatballs & ciabatta
Our local Guest charcuterie specialist Chef, Peet gives a demo of curing meat / tasting of samples Whiskey/Wine tasting

Day 2 Cooking Class Menu
Porcini & truffle risotto, Sicilian mussels, Gremolata, Butternut, feta & citrus salad, slow roasted whole salmon with fried caperberries & creme fraiche.
Whiskey/Wine tasting

Day 3 Cooking Class Menu
Distribution of Goodie Bags
Assorted quiches & salads served on arrival.
Dolce Dessert class Menu: Italian Hazelnut torte, Torte de Miele - apple torte with cranberry reduction, Pears in Chardonnay reduction with almond crust, Sicilian chocolate torte with orange reduction, Italian lemon soufflé with crème fraiche
Tea tasting and pairings
Honey tasting

The total cost of all 3 days: R1,750.00

Classes will start every Thursday and Monday during June, July, and August

Additional indulgence - Variety of massages to choose from:
  • Indian Head massage
  • Reflexology
  • Foot massage
  • Pedicure
  • Back massage on chair
30 minute treatments from R300

We are offering our gastronomes these 3 nights for the price of 2. Please quote reference ‘epicurean’ when making your booking by either phoning us on 082 760 3529, or sending an email to