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Book accommodation at Paternoster Rentals Book accommodation at Paternoster Rentals
Book accommodation at Paternoster Rentals

10 Sampson Street

Lunch and Dinner by appointment only

Book online

The Noisy Oyster

62 St.Augustine Road

Tel 022 752 2196


Located at the Strandloper Ocean Boutique Hotel

Patterson Close

Tel 060 927 0403

Asian Spice

Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant

Paternoster Crayfish Wharf

Tel 022 125 0522

Skatkis Restaurant

Located at Paternoster Lodge

64 St Augustine Road, Kliprug

Tel 022 752 2023

Waffle Wharf

25 St Augustine Road

Tel 064 426 0149

Die Winkel op Paternoster

Cnr of St Augustine Road nd R45

Tel 022 752 2105

Paternoster Lodge

64 St Augustine Road

Tel 022 880 0970

The Hungry Monk

1 Kreeftegang Street

Tel 022 752 2069

Benguela Blue

54 St Augustine Road

Tel 083 312 4392

Paternoster Hotel

St Augustine Road

Tel 022 752 2703

Cathy's Kitchen

1 Seeduiker Street, Voorstrand

Tel 066 253 4881

Tel 022 752 2038

66 St Augustine Road

Tel 022 300 0222

Die Gaatjie Restaurant

Samson Street

Tel 022 752 2242

Paternoster Brewery

2 Seemeeu Crescent

Tel 063 952 3383

Whales' Rib

1 Kreeftegang  Street, Kliprug

Tel 064 426 0149

Blikkie Pizzeria

Cnr of St. Augustine and Tamaryn Road

Tel 079 598 8616

Closed on Mondays

Activities and Shops
Book accommodation at Paternoster Rentals
Beach Horse Riding

Tel 082 748 5596

Contact Ronel

Stone Fish Studio

57 St. Augustine Road

Tel 082 824 8914

Contact Diane


Tel 082 898 3028

Contact Danie

Jêm en Pantoffels

Gift Shop

St Augustine Road

Tel 082 783 1808

Beach Buggy Fun

Tel 072 402 189

Contact Deon

Salon Le Notre Père

Hair Salon

Tel 083 295 6181

Contact Hennie

Picnics, Hikes and Braais
Tel 022 752 2718 to arrange
Beauty Clinic

18 Sonkwas Street

Tel 083 560 5600

TMT Charters

Tel 082 893 0461

Contact Johan

Real Estate in Paternoster

082 879 3949

Contact Hellene

Places of Interest
Book accommodation at Paternoster Rentals
Cape Columbine Lighthouse

6km from Paternoster

Cape Columbine Nature Reserve, Tietiesbaai

Tel 022 752 2705

West Coast National Park

45km from Paternoster

Tel 022 772 2144

Visit the website

SA Fisheries Museum

35km from Paternoster

De Villers Street, Laaiplek

Tel 022 786 2531

Visit the website

West Coast Fossil Park

30km from Paternoster

Langebaanweg between the R27and R45

Tel 022 766 1606

Closed on Mondays

Visit the website

Langebaan Lagoon
45km from Paternoster
Bokkom Industry


35km from Paternoster

News and Events

Watch this space for announcements of Special Events in Paternoster.

For more information, contact us on info @ paternosterrentals.co.za
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